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McAfee Configuration Control
Audit, control, and enforce (ACE) for continuous compliance

McAfee Configuration Control

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McAfee Configuration Control automates and enforces compliance configurations for critical servers, saving time and money on audit activity by blocking unauthorized changes. Designed with a flexible and easy-to-use interface, Configuration Control delivers change alerts with configuration and policy enforcement, and helps you quickly address or create your own IT compliance standards — with no expertise required.

Audit, control, and enforce — Easily maintain continuous compliance through our methodical three-step approach. Refine and automate IT audit processes, control changes in your environment by monitoring system integrity, and enforce policies to stop unauthorized changes and keep your enterprise compliant.

Comprehensive change prevention — Stop unwanted or unauthorized changes. McAfee’s unique change policy enforcement allows changes by predetermined time window, trusted source, or approved work ticket. Trusted changes can be automatically allowed; those that are outside of the authorized change profile are denied.

Real-time visibility and alerts to change events — Get alerts to changes occurring in the environment. Using profiles, Configuration Control gives you the power to define the most critical components, files, or objects within a server to monitor.

Lowered audit costs — Configuration Control dramatically cuts audit preparation time, while eliminating the hidden costs of ad hoc and unwanted change.

Achieve compliance efficiency and change policy enforcement for continuous compliance while you decrease the costs associated with auditing and compliance reporting.

Key Advantages

Automate audits and configuration assessments
Up-to-date data, powerful dashboards and reports, and built-in waiver management simplify every step.

Comprehensive change visibility and control
Continuously track changes to critical files and directories.

Enforce change policy
Ensure changes are made according to authorized policy and process.

Features & Benefits:

Automate audits and configuration assessments
Get up-to-date data, powerful dashboards and reports, and built-in waiver management to simplify every step of your audit and configuration process.

Control integrity
Track changes in real time with instant alerts, reducing risks that can compromise integrity and compliance.

Enforce change policies and processes
Implement IT controls at the server to allow only authorized changes to the system, eliminating ad hoc alterations, drift, or unwanted configurations.

Focus on critical issues
Define new profiles and focus on what’s critical to monitor by implementing new benchmark standards within minutes. McAfee Configuration Control increases the visibility and curtails the escalating and hidden costs of managing compliance requirements.

Document defensible proof of continuous compliance
Leverage your investment in the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) platform by creating and scheduling reports to show assessments, alerts, change event details, and enforcement policies.

Integrate industry benchmarks
Adapt to changing compliance standards and industry requirements. Download and easily update benchmarks from authoritative sources, such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and view detailed security guidance in minutes.

Incorporate other change management solutions
Use Configuration Control with change management, data center automation, and configuration management database (CMDB) solutions from HP, BMC, IBM, and others. It also works with McAfee Change Reconciliation, which increases efficiency by automatically allowing changes to occur based on the creation and execution of the workflow of a trouble ticket. Change Reconciliation encapsulates the system change details that occur during the workflow, as recorded by Configuration Control, and integrates them with the ticket history and report.

Auditing and Automating Assessments

McAfee® Configuration Control software enables your IT organization to easily automate processes that traditionally have been accomplished through manual effort as part of an internal or external audit. With extensive reporting and the flexibility to map IT controls against predefined policy content, administrators or compliance officers can assess and automate these tasks, allowing for a higher level of consistency or proof of compliance. For industries facing multiple compliance requirements, this optimized approach lowers the negative impact of manual effort, namely the increased workload associated with multiple audits and self-assessments that must be performed during the year.

This software has been validated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as conforming to the Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) standard and ships with templates for a variety of compliance mandates: PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, FISMA, and the best practices frameworks ISO 27001 and COBIT.

Monitor System Integrity and Changes

Many standards require the implementation of a file integrity monitoring (FIM) solution for critical servers. McAfee Configuration Control software provides continuous monitoring of the system and comes with default filters that send alerts when changes occur to key files, directories, or system objects (like registry entries) to prevent excessive non-critical change events. These filters can be easily adjusted so you can control what to report on and monitor.

McAfee Configuration Control software provides comprehensive information about every change, including the user and program used to make the

change. This data is available for reporting and provides visibility into the activities of specific users or groups of systems. Administrators are armed with critical information for compliance reporting or for root cause analysis of performance issues.

Policy Enforcement

McAfee Configuration Control software helps you stop unauthorized changes to critical systems and system configurations. It protects the reading or writing of files or system parameters that are important for maintaining the compliance configuration of a system. With McAfee Configuration Control software, you ensure that only authorized changes to the system are allowed through a centralized or approved process that has be vetted and verified. Limiting ad-hoc changes increases service availability and provides continuous compliance for transactional and critical servers.

Centralized Deployment and Management through McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator®

Seamless integration with McAfee ePO™ software facilitates McAfee Configuration Control agent deployment, management, and reporting. The single, centralized McAfee ePO console lowers the cost of ownership by providing a single interface for compliance management and reporting. IT organizations save on hardware, training, and operational costs and gain unified control over the policies and protection on enterprise systems. Compliance officers and auditors can leverage the McAfee ePO platform to create their own reports, perform assessments, or customize benchmarks from a single location without the need to tap IT resources or perform manual tasks.

Powerful graphical dashboards help you measure, monitor, and report compliance
Powerful graphical dashboards help you measure, monitor, and report compliance.

McAfee Solution Services

Along with our McAfee SecurityAlliance™ partners, McAfee offers a wide variety of services to help you assess, plan, deploy, tune, and manage your security and compliance efforts.

McAfee Technical Support

McAfee Gold Technical Support is included with your purchase. Make sure everything runs smoothly during and after installation by upgrading support with flexible programs from McAfee Technical Support. For more information about McAfee Configuration, please visit


Download the McAfee Configuration Control Datasheet (PDF).