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VPN Tracker 7
Securely connect Macs with remote networks

VPN Tracker

VPN Tracker 7
VPN Tracker 7 Pro
Our Price: $199.90
VPN Tracker 7
Our Price: $99.90

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The Market Leading VPN Client for OS X

The Market Leading VPN Client for OS X

VPN Tracker is the market leading VPN client for Mac OS X. The brand new VPN Tracker 7 is developed for professional use by consultants and businesses. VPN Tracker uses the industry standard IPsec protocol and is universally applicable. It supports standard and vendor-specific methods for automatic configuration and authentication. VPN Tracker includes device profiles for more than 300 VPN gateways of the leading manufacturers.

Network Scanner

Network Scanner PRO

The new Network Scanner in VPN Tracker 7 gives you a complete overview of all devices in your network. While scanning, VPN Tracker recognizes the type of device or the operating system it is running, and displays available services for direct access.

Scan for specific devices and services

VPN Tracker's Network Scanner automatically scans for the most frequently used network services. You can customize the services that are being scanned for: file shares, remote administration, screen sharing, databases, web and mail servers, etc.

Find and connect

With just one click of a button, the Network Scanner in VPN Tracker 7 connects you to your device or network service. Need a host's IP adddress elsewhere? No problem, simply copy and paste it.

Network ScannerDetect operating systems

The Network Scanner automatically recognizes differend kinds of devices and operating systems, and groups devices and services accordingly.

Quick overview

Display scan results by IP address, host name and operating system, or sort according to services. Filtering and website previews give you an instant overview of your remote network.


Accounting PRO

VPN Tracker 7 pays off quickly for Apple consultants. The integrated Accounting function takes care of time-tacking, so the end-of-month burden of adding up consulting time is eliminated.

Keep track of time

VPN Tracker 7 Pro records all connections with date, IP address, traffic, and connection duration. Enter comments to track your work for later reference – whether it's billing or finding out just when you last updated that server.


AccountingExport accounting data

Export to Numbers, Excel, or to billing systems using customizable CSV export. Enter a reference number or organization in your connection to easily match accounting records with your billing system. And if you're billing in 15 min increments, VPN Tracker even takes care of rounding.

Manage Multiple Connections

VPN Tracker 7 Pro is great for power users and consultants. Be connected to multiple VPNs simultaneously and stay organized with search and improved groups, even with a large number of VPN connections and clients.

Group and organize PRO

Group your connections by project or client. In VPN Tracker 7, Secure Desktops can be put in any group, so you can now have everything in one place. And if you're ever lost, the built-in search quickly locates a particular connection or client.

No need for windows

Your VPN's status is shown right in the menu bar, there's no need to have a window open to be in control. From the menu bar, you can connect and disconnect VPNs, and even use Secure Desktop items. And when you're done for the day, click End Session to disconnect servers, close applications, and then disconnect the VPN.

Almost like a bigger display

Save space on your screen by hiding VPN Tracker's Dock icon and controlling VPN Tracker from the menu bar. And if you have a lot of connections, the new condensed layout in VPN Tracker Pro fits more connections on the same screen.

Ready for Just About Anything

Ready for Just About Anything

VPN Tracker is universal. It is not bound to a single device, manufacturer or proprietary solution. To make it even easier to connect, VPN Tracker supports various standard and vendor-specific protocols for automatic configuration and authentication.

Industry Standards

VPN Tracker is built on the industry standard IPsec protocol. Thus it's compatible with almost every IPsec-based VPN gateway. And if you also need to use OS X L2TP or PPTP connections, you'll be able to control them all from one place with VPN Tracker Pro.

Cisco EasyVPN

If you're working with Cisco devices, configuration is a snap with VPN Tracker's support for Cisco EasyVPN connections. No need to worry about configuring IP addresses, remote networks and various other settings - VPN Tracker works with your Cisco VPN gateway behind the scenes to take care of this for you.

Mode Config

Whether you are connecting to a NETGEAR, Juniper Networks or LANCOM VPN gateway, VPN Tracker can use Mode Config to automatically obtain IP addresses and DNS settings to take the hassle out of administrating multiple VPN users.

Simple Client Provisioning for SonicWALL

Simple Client Provisioning will automatically detect your SonicWALL VPN gateway and give VPN Tracker what it needs to connect - all you need is to enter your SonicWALL's public IP address, or host name, and VPN Tracker does the rest.

Mobile User VPN for WatchGuard

VPN Tracker works great with WatchGuard's easy-to-configure Mobile User VPN. IP addresses and DNS settings are automatically transmitted to VPN Tracker making the rollout of VPN connections a breeze.

Hybrid Mode Authentication

VPN Tracker supports Hybrid Mode Authentication - not just for CheckPoint. This is a definite advantage for many users, in particular with Checkpoint or any other VPN gateway that supports Hybrid Mode Authentication.

Highest Security Standards

Highest Security Standards

VPN Tracker is built with the security of your network in mind. We have integrated the latest security standards to make VPN Tracker secure and ready for the future – no matter what edition of VPN Tracker you're using.

Solid OS X foundation

Security is the top priority for VPN Tracker and it uses everything OS X has to offer in terms of security: Your passwords are stored securely in keychain, and VPN Tracker takes advantage of the latest innovations in OS X security – code signing, 64 bit, XPC services, and more – to safeguard your data.

Strong encryption

VPN Tracker supports encryption up to AES-256 to satisfy even the most demanding requirements by military organizations, enterprises and government. And because encryption is only as strong as the weakest link, VPN Tracker's hash algorithms include SHA-2, and keys are negotiated with Diffie-Hellman (DH) Groups up to group 14 (8192 bit).

Go beyond passwords

If you need more security than passwords can provide, VPN Tracker also offers support for authentication based on X.509 certificates, smart cards, and PKI token. One-time passcode tokens, such as RSA SecurID, work great with VPN Tracker through Extended Authentication (XAUTH).

Get Connected Wherever You Are

Get Connected Wherever You Are

Whether you are at an airport or using the hotel's WiFi, VPN Tracker has built-in intelligence to get you connected wherever you are.

Always a perfect connection

VPN Tracker automatically tests your Internet connection to determine whether to access your VPN using IPsec Passthrough or NAT-Traversal. Once tested, VPN Tracker will automatically use the most suitable method for all future VPN connections from this location.

Stay connected

VPN Tracker supports VPN gateways that perform Dead Peer Detection (DPD) to detect unresponsive VPN clients and gateways. VPN Tracker's rekeying abilities enable it to reliably re-negotiate encryption keys. It automatically renews DHCP leases over VPN, to let you stay connected as long as you want.

End your connections right

Use the 'End Session' button to automatically quit applications, disconnect servers and close databases before the VPN is disconnected. When disconnecting VPNs, VPN Tracker automatically disconnects from file servers and helps to prevent error messages or data loss.

Get Connected Wherever You Are

Secure Desktop - Your VPN Cockpit

VPN Tracker provides access to all your VPN connections and everything else you need in one central location. Use this customizable interface to improve productivity for yourself and the VPN Tracker users you support.

Structure your daily routine

VPN Tracker's Secure Desktop makes it easy to organize your daily remote tasks: Just add the applications, file servers and other data that's needed for everyday tasks and workflows.

Automate with AppleScript

In addition to standard items such as applications, servers and websites, Secure Desktop can be fully customized with AppleScripts and Automator workflows. Use Secure Desktop to make even the most complex tasks simple for your users.

Minimize user error

Secure Desktop helps you focus on the tasks at hand so you get your work done. It is no longer necessary to remember to connect your VPN before using an application or accessing a server - simply configure your Secure Desktop and VPN Tracker takes care of the rest.

Organize projects and customers

Every client and project is different - create multiple Secure Desktops and manage each individually. You can easily have everything neatly organized and cease to worry about users connecting and disconnecting to VPNs.

Customize with corporate identity

Secure Desktop not only streamlines your workflow, but can also become part of your corporate identity: simply customize your Secure Desktop with your company logo or corporate design.

Virtual machines and remote desktops

VPN Tracker is a universal security solution, making it possible to integrate virtual machines and remote desktop applications into your Secure Desktop, including Parallels, VMWare, Apple Remote Desktop, Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection, VNC and CoRD.

Export and Deploy PRO

Export and Deploy PRO

VPN Tracker 7 is easy to deploy within businesses or to customers. Export connections and Secure Desktops from VPN Tracker Pro, and manage licenses using a well thought out, web-based system.

Faster and more convenient rollout

It's quick and easy to distribute VPN Tracker 7 workstations. We've totally revised the license management and tailored to professionals use in businesses and large organizations. VPN Tracker ships as a standard OS X installer package, making it easy to integrate with 3rd party deployment solutions.

Exporting simplified

VPN Tracker remembers your VPN connection's export settings including your pre-configured Secure Desktops. The next time you export, you don't have to configure anything. This speeds up large-scale deployments and makes configuration changes as fast as the click of a button.

Take control of your VPNs

As an administrator or consultant, you have total control over the security settings for your VPN users. Whether passwords can be saved or settings seen or altered, is entirely up to you.

VPN for Your Windows Applications

Do you rely on your Windows applications? Why not share your secure connection with your Windows virtual machine: Access your SAP application, check email and appointments using Outlook, and open your Access database.

VPN for VMware and Parallels

Are you using VMware or Parallels on your Mac to run Windows? VPN Tracker shares your VPN with the Windows applications inside your virtual machine.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

If you need to connect to remote Windows PCs, Secure Desktop in VPN Tracker supports both Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection and CoRD so you don't have to leave VPN Tracker to share a screen with a Windows PC.

Windows apps on your Secure Desktop

Put your most commonly used Windows applications from Windows virtual machines on your Secure Desktop – right alongside your favorite Mac apps. Now you can have all apps right where you need them.

VPN Tracker - Ready for the Future

As the market-leading VPN solution for Mac OS X, VPN Tracker is constantly one step ahead. VPN Tracker is a full 64-bit application and is ready for the Internet of tomorrow with support for IPv6.

Native 64-bit performance

As a 100% 64-bit application, VPN Tracker takes advantage of the most advanced and performance driven features of OS X, as well as the security protections afforded to 64-bit applications on OS X.

Next generation Internet

VPN Tracker fully incorporates the latest Internet Protocol standard - IPv6. Using VPN Tracker, you are already prepared for the next generation Internet today.

Get ready for OS X Mavericks

VPN Tracker runs best with the latest OS X. VPN Tracker 7 will also support the upcoming OS X Mavericks when it is publicly released. You can also run VPN Tracker with older OS X systems, for details can be found in the System Requirements.


Remote networks without trial and error

Easily scan for devices and available servers on remote networks. With VPN Tracker 7 Pro, you can find and securely connect to specific devices using the right tools for the job.

The paper chase is a thing of the past

Accounting in VPN Tracker 7 Pro automatically tracks and protocols all of your VPN connections. Export to your time tracking or billing system, and you'll see how quickly it pays off. After all, time is money.

Manage multiple VPN connections

With VPN Tracker Pro 7, you can manage even large numbers of VPN connections. Search for VPNs in your connection list, group and arrange your connections and Secure Desktops.


In the business realm

In the business realm

Distribute VPN Tracker in your business with the new license management tools. The Network Scanner, Secure Desktop, and Status View, enhance the productivity of your mobile workers. VPN Tracker supports multiple vendors and includes device profiles for more than 300 VPN gateways.

Cash for consultants

Cash for consultants

VPN Tracker 7 Pro pays off quickly for consultants: thanks to transparent Accounting, keeping track, exporting and billing your working hours is easier than ever. Even large numbers of connections are easily organized with VPN Tracker. The Secure Desktop is your control center with scripts, tools, and quick-connect shortcuts.

Cash for consultants

Secure access with VPN: even on the go

VPN Tracker automatically checks if secure connections are possible, chooses the appropriate methods, and stores the setup. This is just one example of the intelligence and years of VPN experience built-in to VPN Tracker. You can use VPN Tracker 7 and 6 to protect remote connections with all Macs.

Buyers Advice:

Find your perfect VPN Tracker installation

Find your perfect VPN Tracker installation

VPN Tracker securely connects your Macs with remote networks

Do you connect to your business network from on-the-go? Whether from the hotel WLAN, an Internet cafe, or a random hotspot, with VPN Tracker, you'll protect traffic between your Mac and your company network. We'll show you how.

What does your IT environment look like?

Not all Macs run the same OS X version. Covering all versions from OS X 10.4 all the way to the upcoming OS X 10.9 Mavericks, VPN Tracker is your number one choice.

Your VPN Tracker checklist
  • How many Macs do you have?
  • Which OS X versions are installed on your Macs?
  • How many administrators should be responsible for setting up and managing connections?
  • When are you planning on switching to OS X 10.9?
Wide range of compatibility with VPN Tracker 7 and 6

Macs running OS X 10.7 and newer benefit from the new VPN Tracker 7. We’ll soon be offering a free update for VPN Tracker 7 for OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Running OS X 10.6 and earlier? Choose VPN Tracker 6 for full compatibility and security. Provide connections to your VPN Tracker 6 users right from VPN Tracker 7 Pro by choosing "VPN Tracker 6" as the export format.

VPN Tracker 7 Feature Comparison

Compare VPN Tracker 7 to VPN Tracker 7 Pro.

VPN Tracker 7 VPN Tracker 7 Pro
Connect to one VPN
Connect to multiple VPNs at the same time
Connect two sites (Network to Network)
Integration of OS X PPTP/L2TP VPN
Organize your connections in groups
Use a condensed layout
Search for connections
Ping Tool
DNS Lookup Tool
Network Scanner

VPN Tracker Business Pack

Now you can choose the right package to suit your business. Choose from three enterprise packs to match your business size. Allow your Mac-equipped business extremely secure access to internal resources such as mail servers, intranet and networks.

Tech Specs:

System Requirements

  • VPN Tracker 7 will fully support OS X 10.9 "Mavericks" (with a free update)
  • VPN Tracker runs perfectly on OS X 10.8 or 10.7
  • Internet connection
  • VPN Tracker 6 is recommended for Mac OS X 10.4 to 10.6

Note: With the optional Protection Plan, you can transfer your current VPN Tracker to every future upgrade at no extra cost. The VPN Tracker Protection Plan runs 36 months, with the possibility to renew at any time.

VPN Technologies

VPN Standards

  • IPsec VPN
  • Access OS X L2TP and PPTP connections in VPN Tracker Pro

Automatic Configuration

  • Mode Config (NETGEAR, Juniper Networks ...)
  • Cisco EasyVPN
  • WatchGuard Mobile User VPN
  • SonicWALL Simple Client Provisioning
  • SonicWALL DHCP over VPN


  • Host-to-Network (Split-Tunneling)
  • Host-to-Everywhere (Tunnel All Traffic)
  • Host-to-Host
  • Network-to-Network (requires VPN Tracker 7 Pro)
  • Remote DNS
  • Reverse Remote DNS
  • IPv6

Encryption Algorithms

  • AES-256, AES-192, AES-128 encryption
  • 3DES, DES, DES-IV64, DES-IV32

Hash Algorithms

  • SHA-2 (SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512)
  • SHA-1
  • MD5

Diffie-Hellman (DH) Key Exchange

  • Groups 14 to 18 (up to 8192 bit)
  • Group 5 (1536 bit)
  • Group 2 (1024 bit)
  • Group 1 (768 bit)


  • Pre-shared keys
  • RSA X.509 certificates
  • Smart cards and PKI tokens
  • Extended Authentication (XAUTH)
  • Support for authenticator tokens (RSA SecurID, CryptoCard, etc.) through XAUTH
  • Hybrid Mode (CheckPoint and others)
Getting and Staying Connected

Get Connected, Anywhere

  • NAT detection and NAT-Traversal (RFC 3947 including drafts)
  • Cisco UDP Encapsulation
  • Automatic VPN availability test: Determines whether to use IPsec passthrough or NAT-Traversal with your current Internet connection

Stay Connected

  • Rekeying
  • Dead Peer Detection (DPD)
  • Automatic DHCP Renewal

Ready to Help

  • Specific troubleshooting advice instead of cryptic log messages
  • Built-in help for every setting
  • Diagnostic tools built right in
  • One-click Technical Support Reports

Secure Desktop - Your VPN Cockpit

  • Connect to file servers, remote desktop, and much more
  • Support for
    • Mac (AFP), Windows (SMB/CIFS), FTP, WebDAV, NFS file servers
    • Screen Sharing
    • Apple Remote Desktop
    • Microsoft Remote Desktop
    • CoRD
    • OS X Server
    • FileMaker
    • AppleScript
    • Automator
    • ...and any other application, file or URL your Mac can open!

Network Scanner (VPN Tracker 7 Pro)

  • Explore the remote network of your VPN, assist users and locate hosts and services
  • OS Detection
  • Connect directly to hosts and services

Accounting (VPN Tracker 7 Pro)

  • Document your work and bill your clients
  • Export to Numbers and Excel
  • Customizable CSV export for billing and time tracking systems


  • Actions at VPN connect and disconnect
  • Automatic clean disconnect of file servers
  • Notifications for important events

Streamlined User Interface

  • Condensed Layout (VPN Tracker 7 Pro)
  • Menu Bar Item
  • Hidden Dock icon
  • Connection groups (VPN Tracker 7 Pro)
  • Search (VPN Tracker 7 Pro)

Export and Deployment

  • Export connections and Secure Desktop
  • Lock connections to prevent users from modifying settings, storing passwords, etc.
  • Set up a standard VPN work environment for end users
  • Hassle-free license management that can be integrated into your asset and user management workflow
  • Ships as OS X installer package for use with industry-standard deployment solutions

Protection Plan:

VPN Tracker Protection Plan:

Keep your VPN Tracker up to date with the equinux Protection Plan. For the duration of your subscription you will have preferential and instant access to all upgrades, updates and patches for no additional charge. Annual upgrade fees are now a thing of the past.

Service and support from the makers of VPN Tracker Get top-level support from those who know best about VPN Tracker. Quality telephone, email, or chat support, availabe for a duration of 36 months.

Save money on upgrades Paid upgrades are now a thing of the past. As a subscriber to the equinux Protection Plan, you'll receive all upgrades and updates at no charge for the duration of 36 months, so you can reap the benefits of updates and improvements - automatically.

Drop your total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 66% The Protection Plan will save you up to 66% compared to the regular cost of yearly VPN Tracker Upgrades. Get your Protection Plan when you make your full version purchase, and you can extend your Protection Plan at any time while your subscription is active.

Priority pass included Opt for the VPN Tracker Protection Plan and be given perferred accsess to the VPN Tracker Beta-Program. The VPN Tracker Protection Plan: your all-inclusive priority pass!

Pricing Notes:

VPN Tracker 7 Pro
Our Price: $199.90
VPN Tracker 7
Our Price: $99.90
VPN Tracker 7 Pro with Protection Plan
Our Price: $339.83
VPN Tracker 7 with Protection Plan
Our Price: $149.85
VPN Tracker 7 Business Pack 1+5
-Pricing include VPN Tracker 7 Pro and VPN Tracker 7 licenses for up to 28 Macs
Our Price: $559.52
VPN Tracker 7 Business Pack 2+10
-Pricing include VPN Tracker 7 Pro and VPN Tracker 7 licenses for up to 28 Macs
Our Price: $1,198.80
VPN Tracker 7 Business Pack 3+25
-Pricing include VPN Tracker 7 Pro and VPN Tracker 7 licenses for up to 28 Macs
Our Price: $1,757.92
VPN Tracker 7 Pro Upgrade
Our Price: $139.90
VPN Tracker 7 Upgrade
Our Price: $49.90
VPN Tracker 6 Professional
Our Price: $199.90
VPN Tracker 6 Personal
Our Price: $99.90
VPN Tracker 6 Player
Our Price: $99.90